Point of Total Assumption (PTA)  = ((Ceiling Price - Target Price)/buyer’s Share Ratio) + Target Cost

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What is the Point of Total Assumption (PTA)  ANSWER in 60 minutes

PMP Quote - Acknowledge your mistakes truthfully. That’s the starting point of recouping any trust lost with the customer or your team.
PMP Quote - Be inflexible in demanding results; be flexible with everything else.

Six Sigma in 2011

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PMP Quote - Some projects were just not meant to be.
PMP Quote - Good Project Managers ask lots of questions and then have the courage to listen, trust, and defend the responses they get.
PMP Quote - Failing to meet deadlines is bad enough. Failing to provide early notice about failing to meet deadlines is worse.
PMP Quote - Even the best plans cannot cover all scenarios. Accept this as an inherent risk in projects.